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H25 was born in 2013 with the mission to place itself as the market point of reference for a great variety of services to businesses, that shift from logistic services to those of facility management for the Hôtellerie sector. In order to succesfully reach that goal, we have selected and merged different sector specialists that represent, each in its own sector of interest, the excellence in terms of services and business organization. As a result, four units are born, each one with its own specialization.


H25 Business Company

  • H25 Business Company, global supplier of consulting services. Concrete choices and practical models, through market analisys and project planning. To improve activities, we have implemented a specific network in order to offer personalized advices.


H25 Consulting

  • H25 Consulting, offers personalized advices and financial solutions suitable for all the company needs, following specific evaluation procedures.


H25 Green

  • H25 Green, renewable energies, sustainability through designing and developing new technologies. Hibike® stands as an example of how the electric mobility can improve our lifestyle, making it eco friendly.


H25 Globe

  • H25 Globe, one of the main protagonist of the Outsourcing world, organizational operativity that is able to lower company expenses and, in the meantime, improve the performance of specific activities. Our customers will be able to spend the needed resources to properly develop their core business.


H25 Group

  • H25 Group is born from the synergic fusion in one single vector but preserving the characteristics of the individual costituent parts.

H25 Now

Synergic fusion but unique characters

2020 is the turning point. Four realities decide to merge into one single company. Following this synergic fusion H25 Group is born. A new unique vector, able to incorporate the skills and the knowhow of the four pillars and start building the foundations of their unique global project. Every single pillar is still well distinguishable but its a gear of the new engine that looks towards the future. The new reality its ready to face the new stage of its own growth and development.

H25 If you can imagine it, you can do it

Reality its a continuous change

Every day brings new opportunities.
The main H25 filosofy is the continuous research of opportunities and projects. Over the years H25 never stopped working, and has made investments differentiating the areas of activities, but always maintaining high levels of quality.
There are many ideas yet to come that will become soon new future challenges.

H25 Group 🤍 our Planet!