Hôtellerie Solutions


Detailed perfection

Housekeeping has become a key service for the Hotel business. The arrival of the guest to his room is one of the most important moments for the evaluation of the structure, being one of the main memories of the stay. That is the reason for which we strive to guarantee a top level service, using advanced and most modern techniques. We plan the service with a team of experts through the study of the hosting structure and of the costumer needs.
Those who choose H25, chooses professionality and strenght of a Partner always ready to ensure maximum results.

Cleaning and resetting of the bedrooms

Housekeeping Management

Quality Control

Common areas cleaning


Porterage and reception

Conference Room set-up

Floral Design

A distinctive sign

Green areas design, both outdoor spaces as well as indoor particular areas, have always been one of our main specialization. We put so much care in order to harmonize the choices, always looking to find the correct balance between aesthetics and management, searching for innovative trends, but respecting customer’s taste and needs.

Courtesy products

Never a trivial choice

The main aspect of knowing how to properly welcome guests also involves a correct choice of courtesy products and accessories, becoming an essential requirement to surprise your guest and make his stay unique. With the support of leader partners, H25 offers quality products in order to comply with the guest style, but in the meantime being unique thanks to the ability to customize the products. The main objective is that the courtesy products become, in time, a distinctive element capable of making the Hotel unique thus recognizable.